Anne Packard brings to her work instinct & skill drawn from a deep family well of American and European painters. A third generation painter, she is a bona fide Cape Cod artist. Her grandfather, Max Bohm, was a leading turn of the century impressionist painter, who in 1916 came to Provincetown, MA.

 Born and raised in NJ, Anne spent summers as a child in Provincetown. 

She moved there permanently in 1977 & soon after committed to life as an artist. 

 To view an original Packard is to experience unequaled mastery of the medium and feeling for the subject matter.  Her paintings evoke a sense of transcendence, drawing the viewer in with their hypnotic quality and creating a space for meditative awareness. “My paintings have nothing to do with Nature. It’s something to do with forever going...the space behind the sky.... It’s an inner world of emotion and yearning. I yearn to express solitude. I want to create in my... paintings that privileged isolation. And awe. I am in awe out there.” – Anne Packard  

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