Canadian Miniature Artist Ingrid Hunt brings Westfield's landmarks to life in her 2 x 2 inch paintings. 

These signed limited additions of 250 make treasured gifts. Ingrid was born  in Holland and came to Canada with her family in 1996. Ingrid's natural talent was encouraged during her early childhood and recognized by her school teachers. While still in High School, Ingrid sold portraits of horses on a commission basis. In time she recognized a talent for highly detailed painting and this naturally led to trying her hand at miniatures. She produced and sold her first works in 1990. Since then she has painted hundreds of miniatures and is considered one of the top miniature artists in North America. She has received numerous awards, including being named Canadian Artist of the Year in 1993. She paints with a .000 size brush and does not use a magnifying glass.  Please note Ingrid does not reduce standard-size paintings to miniature size. 

She instead relies solely on a steady hand and steady eyes to produce amazingly small works of art.