Recycling…It’s a smart way to look good.

Smart Glass Jewelry was born while the artist , Kathleen Plate, was in graduate school;  

she made a pair of earrings out of stained glass for a friend's birthday. 

Her product then moved to local festivals and craft shows then to small boutiques in the 1990’s, then commissions by Aveda and Coca-Cola. In more than 19 years as a professional designer, the demand for her unique glass pieces has grown from the Southeast to the East Coast and now nationwide.   

And there’s no smarter combination than SMART GLASS JEWELRY and a recycled bottle. 

Each piece of handmade jewelry features recycled glass, silver, brass, or gold fill. 

Look closely. You’ll see some of your favorite products in a whole new light. The colorful glass used in this recycled line is individually selected and cut from an empty bottle ensuring  each SMART GLASS JEWELRY piece is an original work of art.